But of course everything that surrounds

 But of course everything that surrounds us, star vegas not even the trees, but our sleeping tents are dotted, so the only thing we can see are the conversations and the faces of our friends who are with us. Ahead of the work, up a little, above it is the whole sky that covers us. Classic Classic Why suddenly think about that climbing mountain where we went to see the sky with so many stars that it made us feel dizzy? It trembled or it prayed or something, but I knew that the image of the starry night sky, it was you, entered our memory very clearly, it made every time we looked up. The night sky, no matter where you are, that night may be a cloudy night that can only see a few stars, or living in Bangkok, what a chance to see a clear sky with a lot of stars. What a little, but every time we look up, we know that it"s okay.

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